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We help you connect with qualified candidates and attract the best people for your open roles.
How it works

It starts with a conversation

We’ll sit down for a quick 15 min phone call
 and record a mini-podcast talking to your 
open roles.
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Add to your
career pages

Share your story with mini-podcasts that catch the candidate's eye anywhere you share it.

Warm up your cold outreach

Give candidates one more reason to click that beautiful email you crafted. We literally give you the tools to let candidates “hear from the team”

Add color

A job description that no one reads? Come on. Even the most dazzling description won’t do a job justice. In your own words, tell candidates what makes your opportunity great. And let your team answer the top questions candidates ask.

Spread the word

Share your roles in email, LinkedIn, Twitter, and with your team. They want to help you find the best teammates.

Stand out for being you

You work in a one of a kind kind of workplace. Show candidates the best of the people you work with and build an employer brand that’s true to you.

Sarah used Puck to hire her new teammate at AbleTo

Gopi used Puck to get her job and meet her team at Plato

Find hidden gems

And let those gems find you. The best people don’t always think they have the best experience. Puck helps you paint the full picture so the best candidate never slips through the cracks.

Find your people

Hit recruiting goals by getting content to help tell your story. We do the lifting, so the recruiting team doesn't have to.
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