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Employer Branding

The employer branding solve for companies of all sizes

Get a better pitch for your open roles.
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Show your people on your career pages

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Candidate Screening

Streamline your hiring process with candidate screening

Cut your time to hire by up to 50%.
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Make recruiter intake meetings into mini-podcasts

Showcase your team by recording your intake calls for open roles.
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We integrate with your ATS to drop in information

...Or pull out reports

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"Puck helps me understand the candidate's work story and lets me know the candidate is motivated to get the job."

Mercedes Mace

"This is what I've been missing from traditional resumés. I'm more likely to move forward candidates who take the time to do this."

Grace Kinyanjui

"Puck has made application screening easier than ever! Besides saving a lot of time, I can have a REAL first impression of candidates in a way that CVs and LinkedIn profiles can't give."

Joshelyn Villamar