Equity Statement

Diversity as a Value

Diversity is a strength. We also hold diversity as a value, beyond its economic benefit. We believe that teams are stronger when they are diverse, and companies do better with more diverse teams. In industries like Venture Capital where financial returns are straightforward to see, Harvard Business Review has shown clear financial benefits.1

Our commitments on Diversity and Inclusion: We will...
...Partner with people and organizations that are promoting equity, diversity and inclusion.
...Build towards our mission to invest in lifting people’s economic mobility.
...Celebrate each individual’s humanity and identity.
...Live our values and invest to build a diverse and inclusive culture within Puck.

1. We are a partner.

Each employer who works with us has different experiences and needs when it comes to creating a diverse and inclusive team. Our product is used across sectors – in technology, finance, healthcare, education, retail and more. Each organization we work with is thinking about diversity in a different way. We want to be a partner in that work. We want to empower our employers and partners in their pursuit of diverse teams and inclusive hiring processes. We work to empower your organizational initiatives to support diversity, inclusion and equity.

2. Our mission is to enable people to find work.

Puck’s mission is to empower people to find work. We serve the job seeker. We succeed when you succeed.

We recognize that many of the people who are looking for work are marginalized, and when employed, often experience a wage gap. We are building tools to empower people with information, even before the interview process starts. We know that everyone who applies for a job isn’t at the same starting line. Our investment in resources for job seekers is an investment in getting people to that starting line in the first place.

3. We celebrate people’s stories and identities.

At some point in a hiring process, an employer meets a candidate. When that moment comes, we want to help. That moment is the chance for a job seeker to tell a story about themselves that helps them stand out. It’s a chance for employers to connect on a human level with a candidate.  A successful hiring process ends with a candidate having a relationship with the company they are about to join. We want to help the job seeker communicate about who they are and how their experiences have shaped and prepared them for the work they want to do.

(1) The Other Diversity Dividend, Paul Gompers and Silpa Kovvali, https://hbr.org/2018/07/the-other-diversity-dividend