Job pages
It starts with a conversation
Add podcasts to your job pages and let candidates get answers to their top questions. Get started with one 15 minute conversation.
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We ask the questions candidates want to hear the most
Our job pages let you learn what candidates listen to most. Quickly learn the top questions candidates are listening to and improve your outreach. Know what gets candidates interested in your open roles. From data and candidate feedback, we create and suggest scripts for our interviews.
Job pages
Meet candidates where they are
70% of visitors to companies' open roles skip career pages and go directly to the job pages. Tell your story where candidates are looking.
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Leave scheduling, recording, and production to us
You focus on the hiring, leave the content production to us. Pass along a list of the people on your team and we’ll do all the scheduling. We do the work finding the time to chat with your team.
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Job pages
We’re friends with your friends
Sometimes more tools make more work. We make it easy for you by letting you manage everything from your ATS. Add a new role and we’ll automatically add your clips to the page. Candidates will appear instantly in your ATS.
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