Employer Branding in 2022

Don't miss the 3 requirements for successful employer branding in 2022.

Tali Rapaport
Tali Rapaport, Co-Founder, Puck

Employer branding in 2022

An employer brand tells the story of a company from the perspective of its employees. There are 3 requirements to make this story effective.


Well, if an employer brand story is only told in high level terms then it’s hard for people to connect it to their own life. How do the company values impact the decision of someone applying for a sales role? They don’t. Unless the sales candidate can understand how those values are expressed and what they will impact about the day-to-day of a role.

Brands with Meaning

The purpose of a story is to stand out in someone’s mind. If you can swap the name of the company for any other company, then it’s unlikely that the story has done its job. To be different, most companies have to expose the tradeoffs that their team is making day-to-day to work in that environment. What does the employee get for what they give?

This is a really difficult thing for an internal group to do. And it’s one of the reasons that so often companies rely on 3rd parties to help them tell their story. It’s an awkward, and particularly hard task at a company to acknowledge these tradeoffs.


Snacks are a nice perk, but never the deciding factor in someone’s choice of an employer. In choosing meaningful stories, the company gets a chance to share that it understands what is meaningful to the people that work there.

In the below story from Nikkayla at Thyme Care, she shares about what it’s like to be a working parent. By sharing her story, Thyme Care acknowledges the struggle of working parents. And without talking explicitly about the benefits offered for parental leave, Thyme Care sends the message that you can be a successful parent and member of their team.

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