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Puck delivers quality hires for SKIMS

Who is SKIMS?

SKIMS is a solutions-oriented brand creating the next generation of underwear, loungewear and shapewear. SKIMS promotes body positivity and inclusivity by providing clothes that range in size from XXS to 5XL and span 9 shades to accommodate different skin tones. Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Los Angeles, SKIMS sold over 3 million products during its first year in business and was named to TIME’s list of 100 Most Influential Companies in 2022. As of July 2023, SKIMS is valued at over $4 billion.

Executive summary

SKIMS used Puck to tell their story and engage their candidates. After 90 days live with Puck, SKIMS saw the following impact:  

  • SKIMS hired 83% more inbound applicants after going live, with a 28% increase in overall candidate quality as measured by depth through the funnel.
  • SKIMS generated over 297 hours of listen time, saving each member of the team over 50 hours if that time had been spent in interviews.
  • SKIMS increased their candidate quality without sacrificing quantity.

Meet Laura & Karis

Meet Laura Buckle, Senior Director of Global Recruitment and Talent at SKIMS. Laura has been part of SKIMS’s recruitment process since 2019 and has 20 years of experience in recruitment. She joined SKIMS to pursue her interest in fashion and contribute to the brand’s cultural evolution. She previously worked in talent, marketing, and social media in the fashion, real estate, and automotive industries.

Meet Karis Jones, VP of People and Culture at SKIMS. Karis has been with SKIMS since it started in 2019. She joined for the opportunity to inject energy, modernization, and inclusivity into shapewear. Prior to SKIMS, she worked in HR for 20 years, including stints as a business coach and consultant.

SKIMS’s situation

In 2023, SKIMS was one of the fastest growing apparel brands in the world. They launched a men’s line, grew into new categories, and became the official underwear partner for the NBA, WNBA and USA basketball. They wanted to bring a compelling and authentic approach to their recruitment marketing. Laura and the recruiting team were racing to keep up with the business growth and expansion in 2023.

Our solution

Puck worked with SKIMS to create content that effectively introduced candidates to their staff and story. By recording conversations with employees in various leadership roles across a breadth of teams, Puck produced a curated library of content for SKIMS that reflected the brand’s culture and values.

SKIMS was able to tell the story of their employer brand by using Puck content directly on their job pages and in social media. By harnessing the power of storytelling, Puck provided candidates with an informational,  compelling, and authentic introduction to SKIMS.

The content

The goal of the Puck content was to highlight the SKIMS team, culture, and vision. Puck interviewed the CTO and SVPs, VPs, and directors. To give candidates a sense of what daily work may include at SKIMS for different roles, Puck spoke with employees in design, e-commerce, marketing, data, accounting, and recruitment. Puck’s model of production helped SKIMS align their content with the company priorities.


Puck measurably enhanced candidate quality for SKIMS, which saw a 28% increase in overall candidate quality as measured by depth through the funnel after going live. This means that on average, applicants went 28% further in the interview process in the time period immediately after going live. This finding achieved statistical significance with a 90% confidence, given the size of the applicant pool. However, since there was no control group, this was a natural experiment. All results compare the two 90-day periods before and after the Puck rollout.

The fall of 2023 was a moment of rapid business growth for SKIMS, as discussed above. During the 90 days after going live with Puck, their number of applicants doubled; while this was not driven by Puck, SKIMS improved their candidate quality without sacrificing quantity.

In the first 6 months of going live, SKIMS reached 7,982 candidates with Puck content from 6 team members.

Puck also saved SKIMS recruiters and hiring team time. The content generated over 297 hours of listen time, saving each member of the team over 50 hours of live back and forth in the recruiting process.

With Puck’s content, candidates better understood SKIMS’s mission, team, and culture from the start. When a company tells their story, it helps them find their people.

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