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Prenuvo Extends 8% More Candidate Offers While Saving 90 Minutes of Time Per Hire with Puck

Prenuvo used Puck to introduce candidates to their team, boost the quantity of top-of-funnel candidates, and increase engagement.

Executive Summary

Prenuvo, the global leader in whole body MRI screening, used Puck to help tell their team’s story and accelerate their hiring during a time of growth. They were looking to add hard to fill clinical roles like MRI Radiologists, grow in new locations and establish an employer brand. 

In the 1st quarter after Puck’s rollout, the team saw the below results.

  • 4.4% more hires, and 8% more offers extended with a streamlined application.
  • 36% of sourced applicants engaged top of the funnel before applying.
  • Saved 90 minutes of time per hire, or ~2 hours of team time saved per week.

Prenuvo’s Pain Point

As a new practice, Prenuvo encountered unique recruiting challenges. In addition to needing to add clinical and administrative staff in new locations where they hadn’t operated before, they were also dealing with a shortage of MRI Radiologists. Prenuvo needed a way to stand out amongst other employers and get more applicants through the door.

Prenuvo’s biggest pain point was their limited visibility and awareness within the healthcare community about who they were as an employer, and their general lack of employer brand in the market.

About Prenuvo

Prenuvo is a fast growing health tech company specializing in whole body diagnostic imaging. They are a global leader in whole body MRI screening with a track record of early detection of cancer and other major health diseases.

Prenuvo is one of the first scans to use artificial intelligence to build consistent, reliable, and standardized reports for the radiologists interpreting your scans. A single Prenuvo scan covers 26 regions/organs of the body at the clinical diagnostic quality which enables us to screen for and diagnose more than 500 conditions, including most solid tumors at Stage 1.

Meet the Prenuvo Team

Meet Morgan Otto, Prenuvo's Manager of Talent Acquisition. Morgan joined Prenuvo in October 2021, during the early stages when the company had just two locations. Her decision to join Prenuvo was fueled by the inspiring mission, the opportunity to make a tangible impact, and the potential to disrupt the healthcare/healthtech industry.

Meet Veronica Alfred, Recruiter at Prenuvo. Since joining in 2022, Veronica has played a vital role in the growth of the Sales, Engineering and Clinical Operations teams. She got excited to join Prenuvo because of the innovative technology, meaningful work, growth opportunities and the collaborative culture.

The Puck Solution

Puck worked with Prenuvo to introduce candidates to their team by recording audio clips with their team. Those clips were added to their job descriptions, interview guides, and sourcing touchpoints. The updated job page application captured 36% more leads, giving a huge boost in top-of-funnel.

Job page and application

Puck rolled out a new job application form, which captured candidate emails upfront and delivered people who did not complete the application to Prenuvo. In the 1st quarter after roll out, Puck captured ~36% additional prospects, often from people on their mobile phone. Candidates who engaged with Puck content top of the funnel went through the interview process 22% faster.

Custom page templates

Prenuvo leveraged Puck’s custom page templates to create customizable landing pages for joining the team in Chicago, the sales team in Toronto, the People team and the Engineering team. These templates are real time editable, modular and accessible for self-serve. So if something needs to change, it can happen real time. 

The recruiting team leveraged these templates in sourcing to not only get prospects more engaged but also get early signals on different recruitment marketing channels. They used engagement with content to optimize their recruitment marketing budget to get the most efficient return on investment.

The content

When Puck and Prenuvo kicked off working together, leveraging the Prenuvo brand and company story was a priority. Therefore, the first batch of podcasts that Puck made featured leadership, and specifically clinical leadership.

From each podcast, Puck automatically generated branded teaser videos, customized pages and interview guides. These were optimized for sharing on Linkedin and media platforms to give more employer brand visibility, engage with a broader talent pool, and establish thought leadership in the industry. By leveraging the power of audio storytelling across LinkedIn and their website, Prenuvo has created meaningful connections with potential candidates and attracted top talent to their teams. 

The results

Puck worked with Veronica and Morgan to help hit Prenuvo’s hiring goals. Despite building a content library quickly, the content quality consistently remained high, maintaining a completion rate of 80%.

Puck’s content is leveraged from the start of the recruiting process on LinkedIn through candidates filling out a job application and during the interview process. 

The Puck tracking showed which pieces of content got the most engagement by source. And this campaign level insights, helped Veronica and Morgan know the impact of their work, candidate demographics as well as the quality of their pipeline. 

Starting with the application, Puck split the Prenuvo application into two steps, putting the email address up front. This enabled the Prenuvo team to know who filled out their email and didn’t go on to complete the rest of the application. Often on a mobile phone, candidates will delay filling out the form, even for roles where they are interested. Between connectivity changes and longer time to complete, mobile phone usage is particularly common for hourly and clinical roles. 

Morgan and Veronica received notifications about the drop off. For the roles where they are looking for more top of the funnel, the relevant prospects receive a follow up. The application setup generated 36% incremental top of funnel prospects. By following up with people for whom the roles are most relevant, Morgan and Veronica were able to make 8% more offers, and hire almost 5% more candidates, within the 1st quarter live.

Sourcing impact

Inside sales team growth was a priority at this time. For this type of role, prospecting using LinkedIn was crucial. To improve their results, they wanted to share information with candidates about Prenuvo to help tell the story, particularly in markets where Prenuvo hadn’t yet landed as a consumer brand. 

Taking a look at inside sales sourcing shows the impact of Puck top of funnel. By including Puck content in the information that they sent to prospects, 36% of all the prospects who went only to become applicants engaged with the content. This generated over 6 hours and 35 minutes of listen time within a quarter for just the sales team. If that type of content had been moved to informational interviews or phone screens instead with the hiring team, it would have resulted in a much slower hiring process. And, looking at speed specifically, Prenuvo hired people 22% faster once they engaged with the Puck content. Because those candidates were more prepared and engaged in the process, and often making a candidates’ first live touchpoint with a team much more engaging on both sides.


Puck content focused on answering candidate’s most common questions. As a result, candidates moved further in their role understanding and stayed more engaged in the process. From the candidate’s perspective, Puck content works as interview prep. This additional transparency moved things along quicker. From Morgan and Veronica’s perspective, Puck supported their team to help hit their goals.

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