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CoderPad’s clips boosted candidate quality by 12.5%

CoderPad used Puck to help tell their team’s story and generate higher quality candidates in their interview process.

Who is CoderPad?

CoderPad is an online technical assessment software that makes it easy to interview in a live coding environment so hiring managers can quickly get a signal of an engineer’s skills. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in San Francisco, CoderPad has hosted more than 3 million technical interviews in 40+ programming languages.

Executive summary

CoderPad used Puck to help tell their team’s story and generate higher quality candidates in their interview process.

  1. Puck’s content yielded a 12.5% uplift in candidate quality.
  2. Candidates who listened to Puck’s content were more engaged in the interview process.
  3. Puck’s content helped CoderPad’s top of funnel in outreach.

Meet Jenny Jongejan

Meet Jenny Jongejan, a seasoned recruiter who works jointly with CoderPad. Jenny is focused on helping CoderPad connect with great candidates for hard to fill roles. She cares about finding people who will thrive at CoderPad and helping the company hit its goals.

CoderPad’s pain point?

CoderPad is a successful, growing company with deep technical talent. It is committed to being a product for developers built by developers. However, at the beginning of 2022, CoderPad wanted to build a team of product marketers, but didn’t have anyone on the product marketing team. So, they were starting the sourcing process from scratch. Although the company is well known to engineers, it is less known to marketers or other non-technical folks, which makes this a more difficult role to hire. Jenny was looking for creative ways to help prospective candidates connect with CoderPad’s mission and vision and agree to an introductory call.

Our solution

Puck worked with CoderPad to create content that introduces candidates to the team, particularly the VP of Marketing and the CEO. By recording conversations with relevant team leaders and employees, Puck helped CoderPad generate a curated library of content.

Over 70% of the visits to job descriptions don’t go on visit the career site or the website.

By placing the content directly on CoderPad’s job pages, social media and in sourcing messages, CoderPad was able to stand out in their top of the funnel outreach. Jenny also leveraged the content in interview preparation to help candidates get to know the people they would meet.

The content

The goal of the Puck content was to highlight the CoderPad team, culture and vision. Because the target audience wasn’t people who used the CoderPad products in their own interview process, they were less familiar with the company. Initially Puck interviewed the CEO, two software engineers and Jenny. When the product marketing roles opened the following quarter, Puck then interviewed the VP of Marketing. Puck’s model of continuous content production helped CoderPad to keep their story fresh and align the content with the latest company priority.


The content was shared across CoderPad’s job pages and in sourcing messages. The average completion rate per clip was 85%, which is close to the benchmark for Puck customers. Puck’s content is highly relevant to candidates at the time of application and considered high quality, which drives this high completion rate.Puck also rolled out a feature for Jenny to track how the content was doing in her cold outreach campaigns. As more recruiting teams rely on automation for outreach, it’s harder for any 1 message to stand out. Jenny did most of her outreach for the PMM roles using LinkedIn and Gem.

Puck customers typically see a 10%+ increase in response rate to sourcing messages which include content.

Through her outreach, Jenny was able to connect with qualified candidates who didn’t know about CoderPad, much less their open product marketing role. One candidate who was hired as a product marketer shared this quote about her experience receiving the content in Jenny’s outreach.

"Thanks for sharing this opportunity with me. I also really appreciated the "Hear from the team" voice messages on the job post. It gave me a great idea of the company, leadership direction, and made me really excited to potentially interview for the role."

Rachael Brandt, hired by CoderPad

With candidates better informed about CoderPad’s mission, team and culture, they understand more about the company and role. This transparency with candidates from the start of the interview process has a measurable benefit. Transparency builds trust, engagement and relationships. Also, this transparency has a measurable impact on quality. Candidates come better prepared for interviews, saving recruiters and hiring managers time (and money). CoderPad got a measurable increase in candidate quality.

CoderPad saw an increase in candidate quality of 12.5% by leveraging Puck in their recruiting process.

Candidates who engaged with the Puck content, on average, moved 12.5% further in the interview process, than those who didn’t. When a company tells their story, it helps them find their people. Interested in finding your people?Let’s talk at

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