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Great teams hiring great teammates
Job pages
We ask the questions candidates want to hear the most
Our job pages let you learn what candidates listen to most. Quickly learn the top questions candidates are listening to and improve your outreach. Know what gets candidates interested in your open roles. From data and candidate feedback, we create and suggest scripts for our interviews.
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Hello widget
Say ‘hello’ to more candidates
Add a widget to your job or career pages and collect passive candidate interest. Candidates will appear automatically as prospects or leads in the ATS of your choice.
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Social referrals
Tap into your team’s network
Get your team to share open roles with their network. Our podcasts offer content that team’s love to share. Share more engaging content with advanced sharing features for LinkedIn and Twitter.
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Job pages & Hello widget
We’re friends with your friends
Sometimes more tools make more work. We make it easy for you by letting you manage everything from your ATS. Add a new role and we’ll automatically add your clips to the page. Candidates will appear instantly in your ATS.
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and more!
Leave scheduling, recording, and production to us
You focus on the hiring, leave the content production to us. Pass along a list of the people on your team and we’ll do all the scheduling. We do the work finding the time to chat with your team.
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“Hearing those questions from the team made me way more interested in applying
Wen, applied to CoderPad
“Our team loves having something new and more personable to use for referrals”
Sofia from HealthSherpa
“Puck is a great way for us to get our employer brand on social media and the support from the team is fantastic”
Dubi from Socotra