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Claudia used Puck to land her  job at AbleTo

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Join us for a 15 min call where our host will ask you questions and record a mini-podcast.

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We pull job descriptions from your ATS and put candidates back into your ATS.
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Tap into a pool of motivated, qualified candidates. They’ll come into conversations with more information about you and you’ll know more about them, too.

Showcase people over places

Whether remote or in-person. Be a person. Show off your people, not just your lobby.

Save time sourcing

Create unique content that will catch the right candidate’s eye anywhere you share it.


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"Such a great way to start a conversation with a recruiter."


"A personal touch to help you feel comfortable...the company feels more approachable."


"It’s nice to hear a warm voice in a cold email."


Find your people

We move beyond job recs and resumes to help you find your people.
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