January 30, 2023

How Thyme Care got the right people in the door faster

Who is Thyme Care?

Thyme Care is a value-based oncology management platform whose mission is to improve the quality of life for people diagnosed with cancer by providing personalized, clinically coordinated care. Thyme Care bridges in-person and digital care by pairing Oncology Nurses and Care Partners with software and analytics to quickly get members to the most appropriate site of care, proactively identify members at-risk of an adverse event, address health disparities, and help ensure treatment aligns with their goals. The company was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Nashville. It’s backed by venture funding from Andreessen Horowitz, AlleyCorp, Frist Cressey Ventures, Casdin Capital, and Bessemer.

Executive Summary

Thyme Care used Puck to help tell their team’s story. Puck accelerated higher quality candidates in their interview process, with podcasts, job pages, sourcing emails and creative assets, all created by Puck. Engagement with Puck podcasts and content had the following impact on the Thyme Care recruiting process.

  1. A 15% uplift in candidate quality, measured by distance through the interview process. 
  2. A 35% speed increase in time to hire, measured by speed through the interview process.
  3. Delivered 39 teaser videos for brand marketing, while content quality remained high at an average completion rate of 96%, above the 88% benchmark.

Meet Nikkayla & Sarah Ruth

Meet Nikkayla Page, the Head of Marketing & Communications at Thyme Care. She is a marketing executive who joined Thyme Care as their first marketing hire, with deep experience in the creative advertising space. Nikkayla joined Thyme Care after navigating a complicated pregnancy with her second child. 

Meet Sarah Ruth Hendrix, the Recruiting Lead at Thyme Care. An experienced recruiting leader who joined Thyme Care as the first in house talent hire, she has grown the company’s team to where it is today, with 80+ hires over the last year and a half. Sarah Ruth was motivated to join Thyme Care after her dad was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.

Thyme Care’s Problem?

Thyme Care is both a technology company and a cancer navigation platform which means that it needs to hire technical talent and clinical staff. In 2022, in the first half of the year, the engineering talent was the hardest to hire. But towards the back half of the year, the entry level hiring for clinical staff ended up being the hardest roles to fill, with uncertainty top of mind for candidates in that role. Thyme Care was looking for more top of funnel qualified people to help fill their pipeline in this volatile market. Sarah Ruth was looking for creative ways to help prospective candidates connect with Thyme Care’s mission and vision and agree to an introductory call.

Our solution

Puck worked with Thyme Care to introduce candidates to their team. By leveraging Puck’s career pages, Thyme Care’s job descriptions are displayed next to the podcasts created by Puck. The content is tailored by department to make it more relevant to the candidate, helping to generate a 96% completion rate. 

For each podcast, Puck generates automatically branded teaser videos. These are optimized for sharing on LinkedIn and media platforms to give more employer brand visibility. For Thyme Care, Puck generated 39 teaser videos. The marketing team and recruiting team leveraged teaser videos on their company LinkedIn videos section and page. 

Finally, we rolled out a new application form, which captures candidate emails upfront and delivers people who do not complete the application to Thyme Care. To date, Puck has captured 41% additional candidates from Thyme Care, often from people on their mobile phone.

The content

When Puck and Thyme Care kicked off, technology roles were a priority. Therefore, the first batch of podcasts produced by Puck focused on highlighting their leadership team and technology leadership. Over the course of the year, entry level hiring for operational and clinical roles became the top priority. As Thyme Care shifted their priority, Puck was able to keep up because of our model of continuous podcast production.

Thyme Care also used the content in several touchpoints in the candidate lifecycle. In addition to its position on the job page and in cold outreach, it’s also used to continue to engage candidates during the interview process. Sarah Ruth made a podcast about the interview process, which helps candidates to know what to expect.

The results

Puck helped Sarah Ruth, Nikkayla and Thyme Care to hit their goals. Despite building a content library quickly, the content quality remained high at an average completion rate of 96%, which is above the benchmark for Puck customers. 

“I listened to the mini podcasts next to the job description. I felt compassion and empathy in every single conversation I heard so I had to apply." - Caitlin Hohn, Marketing Team member

Puck also rolled out tracking to see the impact of the content on candidate quality and speed. Combined with campaign level insights, this data helps Nikkayla and Sarah Ruth know the impact of their work. 

Let’s start with quality. For candidates who engaged with the content, there is a 15% uplift in candidate quality, measured by distance through the interview process. This means candidates who listen to Thyme Care’s podcasts make it further in the interview process. The content is visible in different places in the interview process and its placement has varied over time. However, the benefit on candidate quality has remained consistent.

The speed impact is even bigger. For candidates who engage with the content, there is a 35% speed increase in time to hire, measured by speed through the interview process. Candidates who engaged with Puck content went through the same interview process as candidates who didn’t. But, they went through it 35% faster. Why? From the recruiter’s perspective, the Puck content helps live conversations with candidates fast forward to a deeper level. The Puck content is focused on answering candidate’s most common questions. As a result, a candidate is further along in their thinking. From the candidate’s perspective, Puck content works as interview prep. This additional transparency just moves things along quicker. 

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