Sales Rep Hiring: Find Alignment with Your Product and Culture

Learn what makes sales hiring different and the ways to find the best sales rep for your company's product and culture.

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Hiring sales reps in 2023

So you developed your new product, you’re seeing growth, and now you’re excited about making your first sales hire. Or maybe you’re at a larger company, looking to expand your current team. In today’s market, sales is the 2nd highest in-demand job.

With open positions on the rise, what does it take to hire the right salespeople?

Aligning sales with product

Meet Laura. She’s been on her company’s sales team for 2 years and consistently crushes her quotas. How? Part of it is her work ethic and personality. She’s committed, driven, and creative. But there’s another key to what makes her so successful. 

She fits the product. Sounds obvious right? But too many people forget that the goal isn’t just hiring any good sales rep. It’s hiring the right sales rep for your product. Different products and buyer profiles require different types of sellers. Before you start hiring, form a clear candidate persona that matches what your business needs. Laura’s domain knowledge and her connections in her field give her a leg up in sourcing kit and closing leads.  

Her team also gets the value of cross-functional collaboration. A great sales rep understands how sales relates to product and marketing. Every day, Lauren is talking with potential buyers. She understands who they are and what they want. This is input that the product team doesn’t want to miss out on. Instead of siloing sales, find people willing to bridge the gap.

Qualities for your next sales hire

A sales hiring guide by David Baga, CEO of Mural, breaks down how hiring requires a “360-degree view” of your candidate. It’s not just skills. Or personality. It’s the whole package. David also emphasizes that decisions should be instant and unanimous. It shows that the team is decisive and every voice counts. 

Here’s a look into each aspect of hiring sales reps. 

  • Skills: Focus on the specific skills you need. Do you have short or long sale cycles? Do you need more help with prospecting or negotiating deals? Ask candidates about their sales strategy to decide if they fit your team. 
  • Personality: Get to know candidates for who they are. David suggests asking about biggest challenges, proudest moments, or influential mentors to get a deeper view of character. Remember that your sales reps should match your company’s brand. 
  • Track record: Sales quotas serve as a clear marker of goals and performance. Look into your candidate’s track record and ask about how they measure success and deal with challenges.

Building sales culture

High sales demand means talented candidates have the choice of where they work. A supportive environment is essential to thriving sales. Providing support and mentorship increases productivity and retention. One study found that coaching new hires increased their revenue by 17% in the first 2 months. 

What does sales culture look like? Celebrating wins, recognizing people for their work, and good communication are ways to boost team morale. Commitment, grit, and confidence are often listed as the qualities of a good salesperson. A strong culture helps to foster these values. 

Hear Chloe and Nick from Motus talk about what makes her sales team successful. 

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